Study In USA

Why Usa?

United States of America commonly known as USA is a country having migrants to try their luck from more than 150 countries! It is a multicultural country where people find haven for education and migration purposes. It has the most number of universities and colleges i.e. more than 4000! The number of Indian students pursuing their career goals in USA is at more than 3,00,000. A USA university degree apart from being world recognised is also in demand by employers throughout the globe.

Education System

American Institutions Of Higher Education While characterized by great diversity, American institutions of higher education are classified in general as follows:

How are degrees in USA graded?

The faculties of the universities judge the students based on different criteria including written exams, oral presentations, essays, group work or participation in discussions within the class. All of these things are been used to finally grade a student at the end of the year, which fall between A (Highest) and F (Fail). A grade point average (GPA) is then calculated, with a 4.00 being awarded for every A grade, 3.00 for every B grade, and so on down to 0.00 for an F.

Test Require

English is the official language of USA. To get studies in USA, every student needs to have a minimum level of effectiveness in that language and prove the same to the authorities of her/his university as well as Immigration authorities for visa...