Fly Without IELTS Business Visa

  • People can fly without IELTS because Canada business visa allows an individual to travel to Canada for business purpose. With massive infrastructure and accelerated growth rates, Canada has become one of the prominent countries where local organisations are associated with foreign companies for business dealing and projects.

  • One must apply for US business visa which would allow the individual to travel to US for conducting business meeting, participating in conferences and trade fairs or attend any business related events without IELTS.

  • New Zealand is known to be one of the ideal places for business. One can travel to New Zealand for business reasons with sufficient funds to reside while they are in New Zealand, or have the enough financial support of the employer on behalf of whom they have been sent with a specific business,people can apply for without IELTS.

  • people can fly without IELTS because they also need to demonstrate to the Australian government their genuine intention to run a business and make investments in Australia. For this, it must meet certain requirements on various commercial factors, such as commercial operations, commercial property, assets and employees, and business turnover.